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An Taoiseach Enda Kenny officially opens the €30 million NUI Galway Biomedical Science Building which will host over 300 scientists.

Monday 3rd February 2014

The Biomedical Science Research Building is an 8,000 m²  research facility comprising four cancer research laboratories, one Chemical Biology laboratory, a Bio Resources Unit with Specific Pathogen Free containment, conference, offices and meeting Facilities

The building establishes both a strong campus edge and a new pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the new science precinct with the heart of the historic campus.

As the University was expanding its core study facilities with this research bundle of projects, the principle design brief was to allow for flexibility of layout to facilitate developing or changing ways of working with multi functional laboratory spaces.  The generic laboratory spaces have a series of core facilities which have tissue culture rooms and cold rooms adjacent connected to the main labs via equipment passages with a write up space running the complete other side of the Laboratory unit. The benching design allows for flexibility in the arrangement of end units and the complete removal of a lab bay to facilitate alternative or developing strands of research.

The length and depth of the building wings are determined by the optimal layout of the generic laboratory module.

The building was constructed with a reinforced concrete precast frame and is clad in curtain walling system (Okawood) to the West and a render system with strip windows to the East, as one of the objectives of the design was to create a transparency or openness to the researchers to facilitate collaboration or incidental learning/sharing of knowledge. This is also facilitated with collision spaces, or lobby locations where researchers interact and meet.

The atrium, office suites, technical work areas and perimeter corridors are all naturally ventilated and act as ‘thermal sweater’ for the mechanically ventilated laboratory suites, reinforcing an energy-efficient strategy.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD said “I’m delighted to be here for the opening of this new Biomedical Science building at NUIG.  This development will help build on Ireland’s reputation as a location for the medtech sector.  Already 250 medical technology companies based in Ireland export €7.9bn worth of product annually and employ 25,000 people, and the Government sees this sector as a key driver of economic growth.”

NUI Galway President, Dr Jim Browne said “This building will see innovation in action.

Professor Lokesh Joshi said “This new development is the result of excellence and success in biomedical research in NUI Galway for the past decade. It marks the beginning of a new era to find synergies among different groups and will enable us to continue to compete successfully for funding from European and other sources. It will also help researchers focus on translating their research into products for societal benefit.”

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny officially opens the €30 million NUI Galway Biomedical Science Building

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