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A waterfront mixed-use development forming part of an overall masterplan for the docklands area of Belfast. The development consists of 2 urban blocks and public open space. Titanic Quarter is Europe’s largest waterfront urban regeneration development transforming 185 acres of brownfield site whilst honouring its maritime industrial past.

Floor Area:
32, 7030m²

Residential Density m²/hectare
29,413/1.17 = 25,139m²/hectare



The proposal will activate the river’s promenade with a mixed use of restaurants, bars, ‘work & rest’ units and retail use all at ground floor level and provides for an appropriate urban scale to the Belfast waterfront (9 storeys).

A series of towers to the waterfront allow for panoramic views from the residential untis within as well as views from apartments behind the waterfront blocks.

The site forms part of Phase II of the regeneration of what was once Belfast’s famous shipyard and the scheme will come to fruition nearly 100 years after its most famous ship was built on Queen’s Island.

The site sits alongside a proposal for a 30 storey tower block (Abercorn Tower) to the south and a proposed ferry terminal to the north. The western side is flanked by an open landscape square with Block 9 (North Yard).

Block 11 (Riverside Quay) occupies a prominent location along the River Lagan’s frontage, with panoramas up and down stream, affording spectacular views of the city and the Belfast Hills.

The proximity of the development to Belfast’s city centre affords an opportunity for high density residential fit for the 21st Century within a sustainable location.

Titanic Quarter, Belfast